Office Campus Sees Benefits of New Cool Roof Coating Project

Silicone roof coating avoids re-roofing and adds 15 years to existing roof.

The Westgate Media Park (Westgate) located in Los Angeles, California, is a Class B 150,000 square-foot office campus constructed in 1974. The property’s tenants are heavily media-oriented, with Fox Entertainment divisions and The Post Group among its larger occupants.

The current owner purchased the building in 2000 and invested in significant cosmetic upgrades, including a curved stainless-steel fascia to give it a more contemporary look.

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Property Managers Weigh Maintenance Investments with ROI

EVERROOF® coatings provide a cost-effective solution for leased warehouses.

There are more than 10,000 commercial property management companies in the United States managing millions of square feet of commercial real estate. These companies serve as the owners’ maintenance representative. Part of their responsibilities is keeping property assets in good condition. They deal with a host of other issues daily, too, including controlling capital expenditures and operational costs. Balancing the efficiencies among all these tasks is not easy while also weighing the ROI of maintenance projects, including untimely and expensive roofing issues.

Since many warehouses are built with low-slope roofs and there are almost 19,000 warehouses in the U.S., you have a tremendous business opportunity. By understanding roof coatings and the benefits for a low-slope roof system, you are then able to provide a cost-effective solution to warehouse property managers.

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RoofersCoffeeShop® Welcomes EVERROOF®

EVERROOF manufactures the highest quality coating products at competitive prices for customers.

RoofersCoffeeShop, the award-winning place where the industry meets for technology, information and everyday business, is pleased to welcome EVERROOF. EVERROOF brings a wealth of technology, innovation and reliability to the roofing industry through its more than three decades of roof coating manufacturing.

The company is uniquely positioned as part of a group of vertically integrated companies which allows them to purchase raw materials in very large quantities and to efficiently distribute products through domestic and international networks. Those economies of scale translate into lower prices for all of their customers.

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